• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Death Toll Rises to 12 in Devastating Forest Fire in Southeastern Turkey

Gulan Media June 22, 2024 News
Death Toll Rises to 12 in Devastating Forest Fire in Southeastern Turkey

Diyarbakir and Mardin Provinces Suffer Extensive Damage

A deadly forest fire that erupted on Thursday evening along the border of Diyarbakir and Mardin provinces in southeastern Turkey has claimed the lives of at least 12 people. The blaze, which spread rapidly due to strong winds, has left a trail of destruction across a vast area.

Efforts by Turkey’s National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE) were successful in bringing the fire under control after several hours of intense firefighting. However, the impact of the fire has been severe, with Health Minister Fahrettin Koca reporting 78 injuries, six of which are critical and currently in intensive care. Minister Koca shared the updates via his social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

In response to the disaster, Turkey’s Minister of Justice Yılmaz Tunç announced on the same platform that an investigation into the cause of the fire has been launched. This investigation was requested by the Çınar municipality and the district Prosecutor's Office in Diyarbakir province.

Deputy Interior Minister Munir Karaoğlu provided a detailed account of the damage, stating that 8,100 acres of forests were destroyed in Diyarbakir and an additional 7,000 acres in Mardin. The fire also resulted in the death of 556 animals. Minister Karaoğlu assured the public that a thorough assessment of the damages would be conducted and compensation provided to the affected citizens.

The forest fire has had a devastating impact on the region, highlighting the need for comprehensive measures to prevent such disasters in the future. The authorities' swift response and the ongoing investigation aim to address the immediate aftermath and uncover the cause behind this tragic event.