• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Eleven Iraqi Cities Among World's Hottest, Al-Amarah and Nasiriyah Top List

Gulan Media June 22, 2024 News
Eleven Iraqi Cities Among World's Hottest, Al-Amarah and Nasiriyah Top List

In an extraordinary weather phenomenon, eleven cities and regions in Iraq have registered among the fifteen hottest areas on the planet over the past 24 hours. This data, reported by the Placerville station in California, USA, underscores the severe heatwave sweeping through the Middle East.

The city of Al-Amarah claimed the unwelcome title of the hottest place on Earth, recording a blistering 50.8 degrees Celsius. Nasiriyah followed closely behind, also hitting 50.8 degrees Celsius, placing it second globally. The Al-Hussein area in Basra registered a scorching 50.5 degrees Celsius, earning it the third spot. Kut was not far behind, with temperatures reaching 50.5 degrees Celsius, making it the fourth hottest area in the world.

Other Iraqi cities also experiencing extreme temperatures included:

Karbala: 50.4 degrees Celsius (7th globally)
Samawah: 49.8 degrees Celsius (9th globally)
Basra International Airport: 49.6 degrees Celsius (11th globally)
Najaf International Airport: 49.5 degrees Celsius (12th globally)
Ali Al-Gharbi: 49.4 degrees Celsius (13th globally)
Badra: 49.4 degrees Celsius (14th globally)
Al-Rifai: 49.4 degrees Celsius (15th globally)

The extreme temperatures have profound implications for Iraq, a country already grappling with a myriad of environmental and infrastructural challenges. The searing heat exacerbates water scarcity issues, strains the electrical grid, and negatively impacts agricultural productivity.

With climate change continuing to influence global weather patterns, Iraq's experience is a stark reminder of the urgent need for sustainable solutions to address the growing environmental crisis.