• Sunday, 21 July 2024

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani Unveils New Economic Policy to Empower Private Sector

Gulan Media June 15, 2024 News
Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani Unveils New Economic Policy to Empower Private Sector

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani emphasized his government's commitment to a new economic policy aimed at invigorating the private sector and ensuring equality with the public sector in terms of rights and social security during a meeting with recent graduates from Dhi Qar governorate. Prime Minister Al-Sudani highlighted the province's economic potential, its abundant human resources, and opportunities for investment beyond its borders.

"The government guarantees the right to peaceful protest and the protection of demonstrators, ensuring that their demands and rights are voiced without negatively impacting projects and civil services," he stated.

Al-Sudani outlined the government's new approach in its program, focusing on activating the private sector to create essential job opportunities that support economic development and attract investments. The policy also aims to achieve parity between the private and public sectors regarding rights, social security, and the distribution of residential land.

He called on the young graduates to present their perspectives and demands and to propose solutions, particularly concerning youth employment offices, to contribute to the stability and sustainable development of the province. This includes efforts to attract job requests and facilitate cooperation between public and private sector institutions and investment projects.

The Prime Minister directed the implementing of a special program under the "Riada" initiative, tailored to support the youth in Dhi Qar in proportion to its population. This program will focus on providing loans for new, small, and medium-sized enterprises, with government banks prioritizing operational loans for young graduates, skilled individuals, and degree holders