• Sunday, 21 July 2024

Statement from the Department of Media and Information

Gulan Media June 12, 2024 News
Statement from the Department of Media and Information

The NRT TV Channel announced that the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government has allegedly filed a complaint against both the channel and one of its reporters.

We would like to clarify that the alleged complaint does not involve the Prime Minister. Instead, it pertains to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, which has filed a complaint based on the publication of an unsubstantiated and false report.

The complaint arises from the channel’s fictitious report claiming that the government is allegedly holding IQD 960 billion that has not been allocated for salaries. Consequently, the Minister of Finance and Economy initiated legal action against NRT.

The channel must adhere to principles of professionalism and media ethics and refrain from publishing news without ensuring the credibility of its content.

The reporter was released on bail yesterday.

Department of Media and Information  
11 June, 2024