• Sunday, 21 July 2024

Visually Impaired Students Achieve Academic Milestones in Kurdistan Region

Visually Impaired Students Achieve Academic Milestones in Kurdistan Region

In a remarkable display of perseverance and dedication, seven visually impaired students from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) have achieved significant academic success, advancing to master's and doctoral studies.

Abdulwahhab Ahmad, one of these inspirational students, shared his journey with Kurdistan24's correspondent, Shayma Bayiz. Despite losing his eyesight, Abdulwahhab has continued his higher education, becoming a symbol of hope for individuals with disabilities.

"Anyone who says that my disability is an obstacle to my work and education is wrong because the important thing is to use the energy in your heart," Abdulwahhab told Kurdistan24. He emphasized the personal sacrifices required to achieve academic success, noting the importance of perseverance and dedication.

“Like everyone else, we have sacrificed social, family, and other important things in life, but we have finally reached the day to eat the fruits of our labor,” he added.

Support and Commitment from the KRG

The Institute of Light for the Visually Impaired, where Abdulwahhab studies, annually enrolls 100 visually impaired students who learn Braille and pursue higher education despite their disabilities. Dr. Hassan Yousef, the institute's director, highlighted the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) efforts to support visually impaired individuals, particularly under the ninth cabinet's agenda.

“In the agenda of other cabinets, along with the cases of martyrs and Anfal victims, the case of the visually impaired was also paid attention to, but the agenda of the ninth cabinet has paid specific attention to persons with visual impairments,” Dr. Yousef stated.

Dr. Yousef praised the government's initiatives to facilitate educational opportunities for visually impaired students in colleges, universities, and higher education institutions, underscoring the importance of education and self-education for disabled individuals.

Tuition Fee Exemptions for Visually Impaired Students

Reflecting its commitment to inclusive education, the KRG has exempted seven visually impaired students from tuition fees this year, allowing them to pursue master's degrees free of charge. This initiative underscores the government's dedication to providing equitable educational opportunities for all students, regardless of physical limitations.

An Inspiring Message

Abdulwahhab Ahmad's story, along with those of his fellow students, serves as an inspiring message to individuals with disabilities across the Kurdistan Region and beyond. Their achievements demonstrate that with support, determination, and access to educational resources, physical disabilities need not be barriers to academic and personal success.

As the Kurdistan Region continues to prioritize the education and empowerment of its visually impaired population, these students' accomplishments stand as a testament to the potential within every individual, regardless of their physical challenges.