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Kurdistan Region’s Duhok to hold 7th International Film Festival

Gulan Media August 15, 2019 Arts
Kurdistan Region’s Duhok to hold 7th International Film Festival
ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The seventh annual Duhok International Film Festival (IFF) is set to take place from Sept. 9 to 16 in the Kurdistan Region’s Duhok with several Kurdish and foreign filmmakers participating in the event.

The film festival will be held under the title “Tolerance,” and will feature Kurdish, Arabic, and foreign films that focus on coexistence and acceptance, particularly in the Middle East.

Shawkat Amen, the supervisor of the festival, said all the preparations are set, noting the participating motion pictures would feature documentaries, full-length, and short films.

“A group of judges in both Duhok and Berlin will assess the significant number of submissions,” Amen told Kurdistan 24. “The name of the films that have been selected for the award will be announced on Aug. 20 in a press conference.”

The IFF aims to establish a podium for cinematic work in all four parts of the Greater Kurdistan, and link Kurdish cinematic work to the international community.

“The festival will exhibit a well-organized selection of films from all corners of the world; each story is a reflection of the human experience, accepting our differences and celebrating diversity,” Amen said.

“With a special focus on Arab Cinema this year, the festival is encouraging understanding and tolerance between all the Middle Eastern nations.”

The prestigious event is held annually in the Kurdistan Region city of Duhok. Kurdistan 24 is this year’s media sponsor.

By Hiwa Shilani Editing by Karzan Sulaivany