• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Hawar Theater Group Triumphs at International Festival of Carthage with "Salma"

Hawar Theater Group Triumphs at International Festival of Carthage with

In a remarkable feat of artistic achievement, the Hawar Theater Group hailing from Kirkuk has secured the prestigious best jury award at the 6th International Festival of Carthage in Tunisia for their compelling monodrama titled "Salma."

Nejad Najm, the esteemed director of the group, expressed immense joy and pride in their latest victory, emphasizing the consistent success that the Hawar Theater Group has achieved in the field of theater. Najm highlighted the group's honor at receiving the best jury award at such a renowned festival, extending heartfelt congratulations to the entire team of "Salma" for their dedication and artistic excellence.

"Salma," directed by Nejad Najm and crafted by Dilshad Mustafa, explores deeply poignant themes that resonate with historical narratives and contemporary realities. Najm underscored the monodrama's global appeal, having captivated audiences across 15 countries through a collaborative effort between Kurdistan and France. The narrative of "Salma" delves into profound human experiences, reflecting on tragedies such as Halabja, the genocide, the Anfal tragedy, and the mass migration of Kurds, illuminating collective memories and the enduring spirit of the Kurdish people.

The success of the Hawar Theater Group serves as an inspiration for artists and storytellers worldwide, reaffirming the transformative power of theater to provoke thought, unite communities, and shed light on important human experiences. As the group continues to receive recognition and acclaim on the international stage, their journey underscores the significance of artistic expression in fostering understanding and shared reflection among diverse audiences.

The Hawar Theater Group's victory at the International Festival of Carthage not only celebrates their remarkable talent but also highlights the universal resonance of their storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the global theatrical landscape.