• Sunday, 21 July 2024

Iraqi Leader Urges Resolution of Parliament Speaker Vacancy to Preserve Democracy

Gulan Media June 17, 2024 News
Iraqi Leader Urges Resolution of Parliament Speaker Vacancy to Preserve Democracy

Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National Wisdom Movement, has called for an immediate resolution to the prolonged vacancy of Iraq's Parliament Speaker position, emphasizing its detrimental impact on the country's democratic process.

Delivering his Eid Al-Adha sermon from his office near Baghdad's Two Bridges in the Jadriya area today, Monday, Al-Hakim highlighted the urgency of filling the crucial parliamentary role, which has remained empty for over seven months due to political disagreements among factions.

"We continue to stress the importance of resolving the position of the Parliament Speaker through consensus among our political partners, without resorting to internal parliamentary competition," stated Al-Hakim.

He expressed concerns that the prolonged vacancy undermines democratic stability and hinders Iraq's progress in infrastructure and development projects.

Al-Hakim urged all political entities to prioritize national interests and resolve this issue according to constitutional processes and national unity, cautioning against escalating conflicts that could further divide the nation.

In advocating for peaceful protests and political objections within legal frameworks, Al-Hakim emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability in Iraq's secure urban areas.

Addressing broader societal challenges including rising domestic violence and moral decay, Al-Hakim called for scientific approaches and responsible awareness campaigns to tackle these issues effectively.

He praised Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' Al-Sudani and his government's efforts in urban development and urged increased societal and political support for ongoing reforms.

Furthermore, Al-Hakim urged the government to expedite Iraq's transition from outdated administrative practices to comprehensive digital systems to combat corruption, streamline processes, and enhance citizen welfare.

As Iraq continues to grapple with essential issues such as electricity shortages, water scarcity, and economic challenges exacerbated by global factors, Al-Hakim stressed the need for effective governance to address these pressing issues.