• Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Kurdistan Government Launches New Digital Business Registration System; PM Barzani Highlights Technological Growth

Kurdistan Government Launches New Digital Business Registration System; PM Barzani Highlights Technological Growth

The Kurdistan Regional Government has taken a significant step towards advancing its digital landscape with the launch of a new digital system for company and business entity registration. Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has hailed the development as a cornerstone of the region's digital transformation strategy, emphasizing the importance of technology for a stronger Kurdistan.

In a collaborative effort between the Prime Minister's Office, Deputy Prime Minister's Office, the Information Technology Department, and the General Directorate of Company Registration in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the user-friendly registration system aims to simplify and streamline the registration process for businesses of all types. By reducing time and costs associated with registration, the system paves the way for increased efficiency and economic growth in the region.

Local and foreign companies will benefit from the new system's comprehensive features, which provide detailed guidance on registration procedures and enable applicants to track their progress and receive updates via email. This user-centric approach reflects the government's commitment to providing contemporary and efficient services tailored to the needs of its citizens.

The newly launched digital platform marks a significant milestone in the journey of registering businesses and trade names, offering a seamless experience through data-sharing mechanisms between various ministries and government institutions. The incorporation of a Unique Entity Number (UEN) for each modern business serves as a digital identifier that will facilitate future interactions with digital government services.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the technological progress, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani took to Twitter, stating, "I'm glad to see the tech space continue to grow. A stronger Kurdistan depends on it." His endorsement underlines the government's dedication to fostering an advanced and digitally interconnected future for the region.

Mr. Hawar Aveni, the Director of the Information Technology Department, highlighted the significance of the new system, stating, "The launch of the company and business entity registration system represents a crucial step towards achieving the government's vision. The Information Technology Department remains fully committed to implementing the Prime Minister's digital strategy, ensuring that citizens have contemporary and efficient services designed to meet their evolving needs."

The new portal for business and entity registration can be accessed through the Business Registration System at business.digital.gov.krd. This digital advancement is set to empower entrepreneurs and bolster commercial projects, driving economic growth and prosperity in the Kurdistan Region.

As the region continues to embrace technology and innovation, the launch of this digital system demonstrates the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to creating an environment conducive to business development and attracting investment, ultimately strengthening the region's economic landscape.